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What kind of projects will we be helping?

We’ll be helping a range of projects and getting stuck into a variety of tasks. All of the projects we help will benefit the local community. This will include places like conservation sites, community farms, public spaces and community projects.

What kind of tasks will we be doing?

Most of the tasks we do will be physical, in the great outdoors and working together as a group. We’ll also be looking to have as much impact as possible during our trips.

What kind of bike do I need?

For most of our adventures all you will need is a road worthy bike. We’ll be mostly on quiet roads and traffic free routes with good surfaces so a mountain bike isn’t necessary. We are also able to transport bags so a touring bike with panniers isn’t required either.


How much stuff do I need to bring?

We will be limited with space and how much we can fit in the van so we will provide guidance for each trip on how much people can bring. If you’ve got panniers and are willing to carry your own stuff you can carry a bit more.

Do I need panniers?

Panniers are not essential but can be useful if you want to carry a bit more stuff or want to keep some things with out on the bike ride.

Do I need to be really fit?

A reasonable level of fitness is required but you don’t need to be super fit. If you can cycle for a couple of hours without needing to collapse on the sofa you should be fine. The cycling is led by an experienced guide and we all ride as a single group so we make sure that no one gets left behind. All of the trips will be different in terms of the distance, terrain and hills and the kind of volunteering we do, so we’ll try to provide as much information as possible. If in doubt just get in contact.

How far will we be cycling?

All trips will be different but we will be normally be cycling between 15 and 40 miles each day.

Can I come on my own?

Yes! We are a really friendly group and it is definitely suitable for people to come on their own.

Where do we stay?

There will be a mixture of accommodation including camping, hostels and bunkhouses and B&Bs. Where possible we stay with the projects we’ve helped, so we get to stay at some amazing sites that don’t usually allow people to stay. We’ll provide specific information for each trip.

What do the costs include?

The costs include the organisation of the trip, including the route, volunteering, accommodation and food. This can take longer than you’d think! It also includes a contribution to the project we are visiting if possible.

One Good Turn is a not for profit social enterprise