If superheroes couldn’t fly… they’d ride a bike

At the heart of One Good Turn is the magical potential of bikes to do good and this print by Evgenia Barinova is the perfect expression of it.

Here are some of our favourite ways that combine cycling and volunteering:


Food Cycle are an amazing volunteer led project that collect surplus food by bike, and then turn it into meals for the local community. They have hubs all over the country, including Bristol and Bath

Roll for the Soul

Roll for the Soul is at the heart of Bristol’s cycling community, serving delicious coffee and food and providing an excellent service in the workshop. But as if that’s not enough they are also a  not-for-profit social enterprise, pay their staff a living wage and support projects across Bristol.

Bristol Bike Project

Bristol Bike Project has been doing good things with bikes since 2008. They recycle unwanted bikes and work with marginalised groups, particularly refugees, using bikes to do some amazing things.


Sustrans has over 4000 volunteers who do an amazing job helping people to walk and cycle all over the UK. Volunteers maintain the National Cycle Network, lead walks and rides, and support communities to improve their local environment.

One Good Turn

Well we couldn't leave ourselves off this list! Take a look at our adventures for info on our next trips.

Boneshaker have got at a beautiful print of the Evgenia Barinova available here